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The PS5 is to be launched by end of 2020, Sony has recently confirmed. Here are all the rumors about the release date of the new Playstation, its technical characteristics, its price and its design.

The PlayStation 4 is not obsolete, it is still developing, including the launch of its versions Slim, Pro and PlayStation VR. They thus enrich the game potential of the console and offer a wider range of titles.
But despite this, it seems that the PS4 is slowly approaching the end of the cycle since his successor is already talking about him.

Indeed, we heard that the Playstation 5th edition could integrate a new processor, a more powerful graphics card, and an SSD so fast that the loading time would belong to the past. For more details on the PS5, read on.

When will the PS5 come out?

  • (very) Probably November 2020 with a presentation in February 2020

The information was recently disclosed by Sony, the PS5 is scheduled for the end of 2020, as we predicted. A period coinciding with the holidays and with the release of Xbox Scarlett.

We also hear that GTA VI will be released at the same time as the PS5, a case to follow.

What will be the price of the PS5?

Without knowing exactly what it will have to offer, it is not possible to guess the price of the PS5.

However, we heard that the new console could be launched at € 499 ( € 100 more than the PS4), a cost similar to the Xbox One X, the most powerful console on the market.

This rise in price could be explained by the integration of a processor, a new generation graphics card and an internal SSD.

Expect a PS5 Pro to be launched right after the standard version …

What will the PS5 look like?

Conceptual images of the PS5 appeared on the canvas. We think it will keep its black box style and its blue LED, but it will be much more elegant.

The PlayStation Now streaming service and their digital versions would be enough to eliminate discs and allow the PlayStation to be more compact.


While we are more than a year away from a possible exit, a patent discovered by LetsGoDigital could give us a first glimpse of the design of the PS5.

If we stick to this review, then we notice a look completely different from the previous models of PlayStation.

Indeed, the design shown here is V-shaped, which would improve the airflow to prevent overheating of the console, which would make it more silent.

To confirm these suspicions, the patent even claims that the PS5 was designed by one of Sony’s technical directors, Yasuhiro Ootori and that it has the same Locarno classification (14.02) as the PS4.

Sony has not confirmed anything about its future design, so we can expect everything.

What will be the main technical features of the PS5?

The PS5 will be equipped with a processor and a graphics chip manufactured by AMD. It is reported that the processor will be based on the 3rd generation of the AMD Ryzen line and that it will ship 8 cores of the 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture.

The GPU, it will be a variant of the Navi Radeon chip and will support the Ray Tracing, a graphics technology that displays the reverberations of light on objects or water, the game gains in realism.

Here are the effects of Ray Tracing in the video below:

Also, the new AMD chip will also have a custom unit for 3D audio, enabling surround sound and much more immersive.

Nevertheless, the most requested improvement by developers and players is the integration of an SSD. For good reason, as the games and their graphics gain in power, the components used for storage are more and more solicited.

Mark Cerny, the lead architect of PlayStation 4 and Vista, demonstrated the incredible loading speed of the prototype of the future console.
To illustrate his point, he used the game Spiderman because when his hero moves, the console must load a completely new environment.
It turned out that the PS4 took 15 seconds, compared to 0.8 seconds for the prototype.

This fast loading also allows developers to create detailed scenes, in which the characters will move much faster. This opens up a huge field of possibilities for the future of video games.

The latest news, the PS5 could be equipped with a RAM of 24 GB GDDR6 and an SSD of up to 2 TB.

Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will be backward compatible with the PS4 and compatible with the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset (maybe even a new model is already in the pipes). Other confirmations, a 4k Blu-Ray player will be integrated to play discs of 100 GB and the ability to download only parts of the game that interest you to reduce download time.

Finally, a journalist from Wired had the opportunity to hold a controller that could accompany the PS5, according to the latter it would look a lot like the DualShock 4 but with more sensitive triggers, haptic technology, to increase the sensations and a charging via USB Type-C.

Sony filed a patent in which we could see how it looked like this new controller. On the Resetera forum, several conceptual images of the DualShock 5 have been posted.

The PS5 could be quite similar to the Xbox Scarlett, the next Microsoft console unveiled at the E3 2019 (scheduled for late 2020), however, some developers point out that the Sony console would be more powerful.

A portable Playstation 5?

The greatest issue, about the PS5, is whether Sony would adopt Nintendo’s footsteps and launch a hybrid console such as the Switch.

Note, the PSP in 2005 and Vita in PS in 2012 were already produced by Sony. The latter, however, did not achieve the anticipated impact, so it is unlikely that Sony is committed to reviving the laptop market. Therefore, we would not like to see Sony compromised on parts to sell, at all costs, a portable or hybrid console and put its dominant position in this field in the spotlight.

But if we believe that an interview published on Bloomberg with the former CEO of Sony Kodera (John Kodera) is a rejection of Sony’s idea. Learn more..


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