iPhone 11 Release Date

Discover the new flagship Apple, the iPhone 11 or XI, scheduled for autumn 2019.

  • iPhone 11 release date in September 2019
  • Starting at 999 €
  • Three screen sizes: 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.5 inches
  • A13 chip manufactured according to the 7nm + process for better energy efficiency
  • Rear camera with triple lens

After the release of three flagships in 2018, what does the Keynote Apple reserve for us in September 2019? If we believe the rumors, a new iPhone should see the day.

According to sources, Apple has filed a patent for a collapsible iPhone, while others evoke a design identical to that of the last generation. However, this new device would have a triple square lens.

iPhone 11 Release Date

More interestingly, there are rumors of a technology that can detect hypoglycemia.

In this article, we are interested in the iPhone 11, the next jewel of Apple, its release date, price, design, new features, and technical specifications.

The iPhone 2019 is not the only model expected this year, discover all the rumors about the iPhone XR 2019.

When will the iPhone 2019 come out?

September 10, 2019, this phone maybe publish. For Apple, old habits die hard, especially when it comes to the launch of the new iPhone. Indeed, for the past eight years, the Apple brand has always revealed its new smartphones early in the fall, with the exception of the iPhone SE, presented in the spring of 2016.

We, therefore, expect the release of an iPhone declined in three different sizes, in September 2019, with a sale a few weeks later.

What will be the name of the new iPhone?

The new iPhone will probably bear the name of iPhone 11, it is at least the name that we find the most on the Internet.

iPhone 11 Release price

However, it is also possible that Apple follows the lineage of its latest models by calling it iPhone XI.

What will be the price of the iPhone 2019?

Currently, the iPhone XS is € 1,155.28 for 64 GB of storage space, € 1,327.68 for 256 GB and € 1,557.68 for 512 GB.

It is still too early to know or set the price of the next iPhone. Despite a rise in prices over the last two years, we hope that the cost of this model does not exceed that of previous ones.

What will the iPhone 2019 look like?

Here’s what we heard about the design of the new iPhone.

A triple lens camera

Fewer and fewer smartphone manufacturers are developing dual-purpose cameras. Some Android are already equipped with three lenses, Apple would then be tempted to follow the same trend.

iPhone 11 triple lens

OnLeaks recently released a photo of the iPhone that shows three lenses and a flash, arranged inside a square. He also stressed in a tweet that this is a very early leak and that the design could change in the meantime.

In January 2019, a report based on the information disclosed by Steve Hemmerstoffer and published by Compareraja, speaks of a triple rear camera lens, center back.

This is a major change from the previous ones but offers some resemblance to Android.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo supported the three-goal theory in an investor note released in February 2019.

The Digitimes site, meanwhile, reports that Largan Precision, manufacturer of cameras for iPhone, confirms the adoption of such a module.

Foldable iPhone

The Android market is already trying to foldable smartphones, like the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold. So far, this is a design that has never joined the range iPhone, but if we believe the different patents, then it could be about to change. However, the few problems with the Galaxy Fold are a slight warning.

Foldable iPhone 11

While Apple has filed a patent application for a model with a flexible and articulated flap-shaped screen,  a  February 2019 report shows that once folded, the screen can quickly be damaged.

The notch

The new notch on the iPhone X screens had provoked strong reactions among iOS users. Today, rumors suggest that the size of the notch will be reduced or even disappear completely.

In January 2018, the South Korean newspaper ET News reported that Apple is studying the possibility of combining a facial recognition module with that of the camera, thereby obtaining a larger screen ratio.

In March 2018, the same site claimed that Apple had found a trick to remove it completely. Case to follow!

A waterproof Lightning connector

Over the years, the iPhone has become increasingly resistant to water but never entirely because of its charge port.

waterproof iPhone

According to The Verge website, to remedy this problem, Apple plans to change the design of its Lightning port. A patent describes that the connector should be provided with a seal, to protect it from contact with a liquid.

A USB Type-C connector

According to a DigiTimes report written in June 2018, Apple is thinking of equipping its new iPhone with Type-C USB ports and dropping its Lightning connectors like the 2018 iPad Pro.

After being introduced at WWDC 2019, iOS 13 has just been developed into beta and it has been noticed that it offers a new graph when you plug your iPhone into a Mac. Instead of the old image of a lightning cable, it seems to show a USB-Type C cable.

The sensors of the iPhone 11 in photos

As we approach an iPhone update, images from Apple’s supply chain are starting to leak. Photos and illustrations often display components, prototype models and, sometimes, finished products. It is important to keep in mind that uploaded images are conceptual or unofficial.

iPhone 11 camera

The Motherboard of the iPhone 2019

Slashleaks user, named Leakspinner, has released a photo of what could be the motherboard of the iPhone 11. At first glance, the latter would be rectangular in shape like that of the iPhone XR.

The potential design of the iPhone 11 video

Jermaine Smit, known for his often revealing concepts, has made a captivating video showing in detail the design potential of the iPhone 11. See for yourself:

The triple lens camera and square shape

One of the most talked about news is the triple lens camera. In January 2019, the first illustration of this concept leaked and showed a camera in a square with rounded corners.

This rumor is supported by the photo of a chassis component coming from the Chinese supply chain. This one was relayed by the site Macotakara and on twitter.

Recently, the photo of an iPhone 11 Max shell, Olixar brand, confirmed all the rumors about the triple-lens photo module and its square shape.

There is also a small change on the side of the silent button, which appears to be rounded.

This shell and others can also be pre-ordered on the Mobile Fun website, which seems to officially support all the claims.

The screen of the iPhone 2019

The screen is the centerpiece of the iPhone since it is through him that the interaction is done!

iPhone 11 screen

Screen size

After adding three different screen sizes in the last two years (5.8 inches for X and XS, 6.1 inches for XR and 6.5 inches for XS Max), the 2019 range will certainly copy those -this.


According to a report by the South Korean Electronic Times, published in May 2018, Apple now plans to equip all its devices with OLED screens. This technology offers better color reproduction, deeper blacks, brighter whites and makes screens more energy efficient.

In June 2019, Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed this point by announcing that all iPhone 11 models would be equipped with the OLED screen. In that same report, he argued that the 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch versions would even be compatible with 5G.


Thanks to the exclusive material called Gorilla Glass, the screen of an iPhone is much more resistant than ordinary glass. However, zero risk does not exist and they sometimes crack or break.

As for the Apple Watch, the brand wants to put sapphire glass, more resistant than the Gorilla Glass, on its latest smartphones.


Technical characteristics of the iPhone 2019

The triple lens

The camera will surely be equipped with a telephoto sensor, a wide-angle and an ultra-wide angle of 12Mp each.

iPhone 11 features

EDN is talking about growing competition with the Huawei P20 Pro triple-lens 40Mp as its obvious point of comparison, and Apple’s willingness to try to stand out in this crowded market.

Measuring blood sugar

The iPhone 2019 could measure your blood sugar. Nevertheless, it is information to be taken with tweezers because patents are often filed speculatively and are part of a marketing strategy.

Apple has made the patent application Systems and Methods for Environment Sensing, it focuses on the ability to detect dangerous gases and pollution.

However, it is also part of an implication on health, as with the possibility of measuring the composition of sweat and to alert the user to his glucose level.

Indeed, it seems that Apple is exploring this new technology that will allow an iPhone (and an Apple Watch) to detect a hypoglycemic crisis.

Face ID

The iPhone 2019 will be equipped with Face ID, but it will have a flood illuminator (infrared light flash) more powerful than the current one.

On the other hand, Apple plans to release an exclusive iPhone to the Chinese market. Sources in the supply chain say the US giant would like to reduce its construction costs by offering a model equipped with a subscreen Touch ID fingerprint reader, rather than the Face ID.

Apple processor

Apple is developing its own processors, such as the A9, A10, A11, and A12 Bionic chips. As for the iPhone 11, we expect to see it equipped with an A13 chip.

Our colleagues at Macworld US have speculated on the design and potential features of the A13. According to them, the transition from a 7nm etching process to a 5nm process will not happen before 2020.

iPhone 11 processor

On the iPhone 11, the 7nm process will benefit from a significant improvement in extreme ultraviolet lithography in order to increase density and energy efficiency.


3D Touch

According to the MacRumors website, Apple is about to abandon the 3D Touch, a technology that allows you to access shortcuts on your iPhone according to the pressure on the screen.

iPhone 11 3d touch

While all iPhone (since the 6s) is equipped, the iPhone XR is an exception to the rule. Indeed, it is the only model to be equipped with the Haptic Touch, moreover very similar to the 3D Touch, except that it responds to the vibrations emitted by a long support and not by the pressure.

Now, the question is whether Apple will leave the 3D Touch aside for the Haptic Touch on the iPhone 2019, as was the case with the iPhone XR. To know the answer, we will have to wait a little longer.

Bilateral charge

Bilateral charging refers to the ability of one device to charge another, using Qi technology. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this sharing of energy would be mainly designed to recharge your AirPods or your Apple Watch.

He also said that we should expect the new 2019 iPhones to have a longer battery life, helping to make the two-way charge a really practical feature.

Only eSIM

Dual SIM capability is available in the recent round of iPhones (XS and other). But it is possible to use only one physical SIM. The other is an eSIM that is integrated into the device and can be allocated to a network when activating.

It feels pretty old when a SIM card is moved into a fresh mouse in 2019, so we want the physical card moved in the new iPhone 11 in favor of a dual eSIM.

We would also like an easy-to-use environment that enables us to quickly jump to a network of our choice at a tariff of our choice and more importantly. When our present agreement expires, we can quickly switch to a separate network.

With the introduction of 5 G in 2019, however, and the existence of eSIM within an iPhone generation, this issue is not entirely out of the question.


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