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Logic is making a big impact on people’s lives now. Increased use of smart devices among children. Device-addiction can be a barrier to the growth of children and adolescents. The current generation is getting addicted to various games based on smartphones and online. Experts say that playing online games over time can often lead to addiction. Again, parents cannot keep track of the child properly because they do not have a good idea about social media and online games. In this case, it is important to raise awareness is essential in online games. Here are some important things to know:

Not all games are for everyone:

Keep in mind, not all digital content like games are intended for users of all ages. You need to be careful about which gaming app your child is downloading. As a parent, it is important to be aware of yourself in downloading the gaming app. Many gaming apps may require user personal information. Experts warn of downloading an app from outside the App Store.

Game Shopping:

Many games have the opportunity to shop online. Game makers add extra features as a source of income for the organization. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind so that the child does not become addicted to playing games. Many people think of the gaming app as a gambling app. Usually, Google or Apple do not support gambling apps in its App Store. However, the gaming app should allow the child to know about the download and usage of those apps.

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Not all paths are closed:

Many are risking playing online games to spend their retirement, boost their creativity, or socialize. Not just one from sitting at home, but also competing with others online. Many people, big and small, can be seen playing games at work vacations or in retirement on Facebook or any other means. When a child is banned from everything, he finds a different path. Now when controlling the internet, many people go to different sites using a VPN. In these cases, it is the responsibility of the parent to explain the good and the bad to the child.

Parental Control:

The Internet now has the benefit of controlling the child’s gameplay through parental control. Parents can set a smartphone usage time limit for the child if they wish. You can decide how much time to play games or which games to play. For example, the Pabji game. It is targeted at 5-year-olds. If the guardian can control it using parental control in the case of a minor child. Beyond this, there are several services for both Google and Apple phones, which can be used to keep children out of the game. There is also a third party service.

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Misconceptions about Games:

Many do not have the right idea about an online card or board games. The creators of the popular online game Jinga Poker, Ludo King, Three Bar Gold, Caram Pool, claim that these are free games. They add extra features as a source of income for their organization. Anyone can complain to game makers if they are tempted to make money from these games.

Not a stranger friend:

Children need to be taught awareness to play games online. Many playing team games online can work under the guidance of others. A stranger should be aware of obeying orders. Children need to be made aware of the dangers of sharing personal information online, clicking a link. If you see a child, sibling or close family sitting alone on the mobile and computer for a long time, you need to find out what they are doing. The child should never be allowed to spend much time alone and to report the consequences of these games.

Giving time to the family:

Special attention should be given to whether the child or any other family member is mentally disturbed. If someone is mentally upset, they have to help. A child’s curiosity about a game can become addictive. You can keep your child away from games by spending time with family.


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