This week’s picture is a special treatment: The first-light image of the newest resident of the Paranal Observatory of ESO SPECULOOS Planet, Spas sells Southern Observatory. The aim of this planet-chasing machine is to look at adjacent but dull stars, for example, the rising and coming ESO extreme telescope (ELT) for insight into different telescoping systems.


In contrast to four single meters of telescopes, each of them is designated one of the Jupiter Gallery Moons, SpecULOOS ensures that another front is opened in the exoplanet inquiry.

However, this image is not clearly a faint star, but a galaxy named NGC 6902. Before starting the telescope, it should successfully complete the event called “first light”: For the first time, it is used for scientific observation.


For this initial test of the capabilities of the telescope, astronomers usually take famous items, which is half the show and half the festival. The Ganymede Telescope was the main focus of the group in the NGC 6902 in this case.

The result was this amazing image of the spiral galaxy, which is approximately 120 million light years from Earth in the constellation of Sagittarius (The Archer). The spiral arms of the galaxy roam outside a bright center until they merge into the streams of blue haze on the edge of the galaxy.


If this is true Ganymede could create something at that point, which was not intended for the picture, as his first perception, so we have much to anticipate. Look at this place!

Credit: ESO


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