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The connected bracelet of Xiaomi, the Mi Smart Band 4 arrives in France where it is on sale at 39.99 €. It includes the swimming activity, a battery with a battery life of 20 days and a color screen! To learn more about this new activity tracker, read more about this article.

Xiaomi reported the arrival of its Mi Smart Band 4 in France after the Chinese dispatch at an amazing cost of € 39.99.

The Smart Mi Band 4 sports a brand new 40 percent larger color AMOLED display that retains the incredible 20-day battery life of its predecessor. That’s not all, he’s also gaining a three-axis accelerometer, which supports a whole range of activity tracking. In terms of design, this 4th generation is more customizable, since from now on, you have a choice between 5 bracelets and 77 dials.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

As expected, there are variants, standard and NFC (for mobile payments), the latter is not yet available in France. As for the price, Xiaomi decided to offer € 10 more than the Mi Band 3.

What’s new about the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4?

A waterproof fitness bracelet with extraordinary autonomy, an integrated heart rate sensor, and sleep monitoring.

The original Mi Band went on sale in 2014, it was a basic tracker for sleep and fitness with exceptional battery life and an affordable price. It has been updated for each new age, a pulse sensor has been included at Mi Band 1S, the OLED screen with vital warnings at Mi Band 2. Finally, for the Mi Band 3, the screen has been enlarged and it has become possible to read the notifications, messages.

Its 2018 update also improved the water-resistance, tracked specific activities and equipped it with a battery of greater capacity.

The Mi Smart Band 4, announced in June 2019, has a larger screen of 0.95 inches (previously 0.78 inches) and is now a color AMOLED, 120×240 pixels, protected by a glass 2.5D quenched.

Its interface is always tactile, and it integrates for the first time a microphone, so you can control your connected devices via Mi Band 4.

The information displayed, they do not change (weather, statistics, notifications of your smartphone, control of music …) except that thanks to its tightness up to 50 m (5 ATM), the last Mi Band Xiaomi is now able to recognize 5 types of swimming. A feature that is not found on some much more expensive trackers.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band

Structure and display of Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The full-shading AMOLED display on the Mi Band 4 is one of the biggest overhauls over the Mi Band 3. It’s 0.95-crawls with 120 x 240 objectives, and it’s the organization’s first run using a shading display on its wellness tracker.

It’s also larger than the screen a year ago, but this is still a usually small presentation, though it’s essential. It’s also a touchscreen to legitimately push your arm through usefulness.

The fresh shading showcase has made it possible for the organisation to display watch faces just because, which means that you will also have the choice to modify the atmosphere of the rest screen of your wellness tracker.

There are currently 77 to look over, and the organisation may be refreshing something later with further decisions.

Stressed to scratch or break it? The gadget has 2.5D glass insurance to ensure it doesn’t break easily.

The framework is usually like the Mi Band 3 with a silicone lash to keep it on your wrist, and it’s all but hard to get the tracker out of it so you can switch to another band when you need it.

This year, there are hundreds of shading choices with dark, blue, violet, orange and beige all confirmed to date. If that’s the complete rundown, we don’t have the foggiest concept, and it could be the organisation just chooses to bring some models to some company industries.

Xiaomi Mi Smart

Fitness Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Despite being a wellness tracker, it’s not the most full gadget watching well-being. On the back, as on the Mi Band 3, there is a pulse sensor, and it will have the choice to follow most of your day-to-day projects just as distinct exercises like cycling and running, for instance.

The tracker’s fresh six-pivot sensor also allows it to follow a variety of swim exercises. Xiaomi has stated that when you’re in the pool, you will have the choice to display Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly Stroke and Medley. Since it is secure for 5ATM water, it can go into the pool.

Rest following is also included on the tracker, but if you’re looking for a fully fledged wellness gadget, it’s worth realizing that this just really does the essentials and a little more.

Xiaomi Mi Smart

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 hot spots

Xiaomi has assessed that the tracker’s battery life will be associated with a solitary charge of 20 days. When we get the opportunity to assess the wellness group, we’ll put that through hell, but it’s a comparative result to what we’ve seen from previous products from the organization.

A few shocks have been integrated here by Xiaomi and one of them is a mouthpiece inside the tracker. It allows you to tackle the very own AI voice partner of Xiaomi to control wonderful gadgets or music on your phone.

However, this component will not be available throughout the rest of the globe. Xiaomi’s AI partner is currently only available in China, and there do not seem to be any plans to get it in the not-so-distant future to distinct markets.

Two tracker versions were provided by Xiaomi; one with NFC and one without. The more expensive model has the usefulness for mobile installment but again it is unlikely that we will see it all over the rest of the globe as it was excluded by the organisation in the past.

So far, Xiaomi has just discovered that the Wellness Tracker’s typical adaptation is going to the UK. We have asked the organisation to verify that the NFC adaptation will be shipped outside of China.

You will also receive notices from your phone, and designs shown so far incorporate legally from the tracker itselfWhatsApp posts the near by texts or wellness subtleties.

You probably won’t reply from the screen legitimately, so you’ll have to get your phone out to have the choice to do that.

Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Edition for Avengers

The organisation has also discovered an unusual release with Marvel’s The Avengers marking for the Mi Band 4. There are three unique shading choices (dark, red or blue) with either the back of the lash brandishing an image of the shield of Captain America, the protective cap of Iron Man or the logo of Avengers.

It’s almost a comparable item, but it goes hand in hand with an unusual watch face and the notable tie. However, there is no certainty that this product will ever be available outside of China, yet we will ensure that you will receive subtleties on the off chance it does.

Xiaomi Mi

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 availability in France

The Mi Band 4 is now available in France, you can get it from the site of Xiaomi France. Otherwise, you can import it from China via resale sites such as Geekbuying, Gearvita, Gearbest or Bangood. However, the Mi Band 4 interface will only be available in Chinese.

Also, know that the Mi Band 3 remains a very good activity tracker at the excellent value for money, it is sold on Xiaomi France and on Amazon France at 25.50 €.


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