A Japanese robot was working to advance the lessons of Buddha in casual language at the Kodaiji sanctuary in Kyoto’s old town. Deeply in the traditional Japanese city of Kyoto, the 400-year-old temple has unveiled a robot god to reach Buddha’s teachings to the younger generation.

After the Kannan Bodhisattva, the humanoid robot has been built, which is Goddess of mercy. The name of the robot is Minder, and he gave his first speech in Buddhist education on a noteworthy treatise on the Heart Sutra. The Japan Times explained that the teachings taught by Robot “provide a path to remove all fears, destroy all misconceptions and realize full nirvana.”

Based on the traditional Buddhist god of mercy, Android Kannan gave his first education in the Kodai temple on Saturday and due to publicity for the public in March.

Buddhist robot priests in Japan
Buddhist robot priests in Japan

Established at the expense of Y100 million (£ 692,000), Robot is a joint venture between Zen Temple and Hiroshi Ishiguro, a clever teacher at Osaka University applying autonomy.

The temple approached Professor Ishiguro and asked him to design a human robot, who could communicate Buddha’s teachings in a way that is easy to understand and helps people “give peace of mind” like That is how the newsletter has said.

“Buddhism spread throughout the world, with the emergence of Buddhism,” Tanishcho Goto, a priest of the temple, told Asahi. “We trust that Android Kannan will make it possible for Buddhist lessons to reach people’s hearts today.

Buddhist robot priests

“We want many people to see robots and think about Buddhism.”

As indicated by the sanctuary, the divine Buddhist forces of benevolence can turn into self-control to support people, and the latest manifestation is an Android Kannan.

The 77-inch robot weighing 132 pounds is ready to move his center, hands, and head, yet with silicon, his hands, face, and shoulders are checked to look like human hands simply. The rest of Android’s parts are clearly mechanical – with open top heads in it. Its left eye has a video camera.

The robot has been programmed to teach the Heart formula in the Japanese language, translated version in English and Chinese foreign visitors are presented on one screen.


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