In an effort to become the world’s largest energy blockchain ecosystem, the Energy Web Foundation (EWF) announced last week that it has officially signed over 100 affiliate companies.

The EWF has gathered the Energy-Blockchain Ecosystem notwithstanding the advancement of Core Blockchain innovation, which incorporates different power associations, utilities, lattice administrators, sustainable generators, programming engineers, business end clients, and new businesses.

German utility NBW, the French multinational energy company Total, and State Grid EV Service Company, the subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China, with the world’s largest utility, to reach this milestone, many prominent players are EWF affiliates. Joins the web ecosystem.

Established at the beginning of 2017, the ecosystem associated with EWF has increased steadily, in February 2018, 37 associations have become more than 100 today. the blockchain is mature in technology and in matters of use in the field of energy, it takes a very serious form on the blockchain, the aides play a vital role:

  • Inform functional requirements and key features;
  • Hosting Verifier Nodes for Decentralized Networks;
  • Develop applications that run on core tech layers; And
  • Serving as a huge and influential collaboration of early adopters, which can help Blockchain Bridge with a full-scale, enterprise-grade, technology spot test for commercial deployment in many promising pilot projects.

EWF is quickening the change towards a cleaner, increasingly adaptable and more practical vitality framework, “said Morris, the central business officer.

The power of digitization and decentralization continued to run the energy web chain on a large scale global energy transition – which will launch its original block at the end of this year – to take advantage of a novel – market participants of all sizes and sizes.

Our developing network of subsidiaries will be extremely key to catching that chance, and their expanding number is proof of the way that this field is presently utilized by this ground-breaking innovation Being paid attention to, who questions a couple of months back, was seen with DOS.

Under the leadership of distributed laser technologies for Christian Sander, Blockchain and NBW “In NBW, we have been examining the use of account books distributed in the energy industry for many years and are working on issues of various uses.”

“As we would see it, the rise of an open environment – like EWF – which empowers on-screen characters to collaborate with one another, gives the high potential to showcase change. As an EWF affiliate, we have an exciting exchange Look forward to working with them.


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