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Robots are doing a lot of good for people. These laborious instruments of human invention are nowadays not only mill factories, but also hospitals, service centres for the elderly, and even places in human settlements. Some of them are giving medicines to the elderly patient at the right time.

Someone is carrying heavy objects effortlessly, breaking the stairs and climbing up. Someone is doing the job of cleaning the house again. As a result, the robot is a human friend, a friend who benefits people without the expectation of any reward. This is probably why our enthusiasm and addiction to robots is increasing day by day.

Abuse of Robots

But it’s not just ordinary people like us who are getting excited about robots. Behind the scenes, military airstrikes have long been encouraging robots. They have been thinking deeply since their beginnings, that is, warfare, how to employ robots in that task and kill the enemy. Why it is necessary to cite some examples to make it easier to understand. Let’s start with a scene like this.

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Imagine the Devastation of a Robot

An army occupying a large blockade of a large city, but could not capture the city. Soldiers have to be sent there to bring the city under occupation. Those who enter the door of the house can endanger their lives in the process of killing the enemy. And if a robot capable of carrying weapons of thought can be sent there instead of a blood-flesh man, then the second danger is easily avoided.

That means avoiding the risk of the death of a soldier in your own team and avoiding other related problems. The robots will move forward fearlessly in the enemy’s absolutely indoor palace. Since artificial intelligence is connected to it, he is told what to do with the help of that talent. As a result, the robot will easily attack the enemy and make the city vulnerable. And only then will human warriors go down that path of liberation.

Artificial Intelligence Robots

As the military gains and losses are very easy to calculate here, the eyes of the generals are drawn to the robots used in the war. On the other hand, they are not worried about the horrible side of the robot soldier. That aspect of fear is related to morality.

For the foreseeable future, that can bring great danger. Robots programmed with the help of artificial intelligence will be taught some ideas to identify the enemy. For example, to kill a person who does not hesitate to see any person in his arms. Or to identify people of a particular ethnicity based on the color of the cow.

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Although such a description seems to come from the pages of science fiction, in reality, the research is progressing rapidly, which has been thinking of healthy people for the past few years. And that is why they are urging people to take steps to stop the proliferation of machines in the future.

Deadly Automatic Weapons

Although scientists have named these machines ‘lethal automatic weapons’, they have become more and more known as ‘killer robots’. It is unclear how far the research has progressed. However, military technology experts say that making a decision-making robot who needs to be targeted and killed is not technically a difficult task. Once they are ready, they will be able to continue their work if they are sent to the conflict ground.

Here, but we see a second dangerous danger. That is – since they are self-controlled and capable of making their own decisions, it is not clear who can be held responsible for the ‘cold-headed murder’ or genocide. Besides, there is no way to say for sure that the killer robots will not commit indiscriminate genocide.

bomb blasting robot

The human soldier is likely to see such qualities as inherent kindness and affection. This quality is capable of keeping a human soldier away from reckless behaviour. But is that possible in the case of robots? The machine is beyond such qualities. As a result, it is not possible for him to show kindness or compassion because the creators of such a thought-provoking programming device did not get into it. And in the future, do not enter, it is almost certain. Because the purpose of deploying a killer robot is to destroy the enemy, not to show compassion to the enemy.

The Movement Against Killer Robots

Now let’s see at what stage our world is now in the process of building such a robot and who – or who are protesting against it. In any country in the world, the defence sector is one of the biggest sources of government money. As a result, Aragona is also the largest private-sector contractor in this sector. Although they were seen in the outer garments of the message, in simple words they are the business of killing people. As a result, the moral deficit is also readily visible in this sector.

Since US defence spending is the highest worldwide, defence contractors are also considered to be quite the dominant lobby in the Pentagon. All of them are now most interested in demonstrating its efficacy by creating the next generation of machines, to capture the scent of a new source of income.

Aircraft manufacturers, like the Boeing and Lockheed Martin’s, heavily involved in the defence business, are well ahead in the race to build non-human weapons. The drone, which took the first step in avoiding the fact that people are directly involved in the war, has now made it more sophisticated with the help of artificial intelligence, and freed them from indirect harmful effects, such as human presence, as a driver.

save our planet

As a result, there is no reason for sympathizers to be worried about the “harmful” human qualities that appear in the drone under the self-propelled weapon. Along with this, missiles have become useful nowadays to choose targets themselves.

The construction of automatic weapons is not just about the United States. Russia is not far behind. From open field warriors to machine guns, tanks – all these days, they have gone out of their way to influence human control as much as possible. On the other hand, the process of trying to pull it through the new arms race to alert the people of the world but not too far behind.

Who is Making a Killer Robot?

The six countries that the various organizations have identified as being sufficiently ahead in this ominous competition to create a killer robot running around the world in an effort to rid the world of this deadly risk are the United States, Russia, China, Israel, the United Kingdom, and South Korea. Everyone is busy building killer robots and conducting such research, showing the reason for strengthening their defence.

However, on the other hand, the conscience of the world, however, is waking up to warn the world about the potential dangers of the new, and because of their efforts, the matter is now progressing slowly on the path of how to find a solution that can be discussed internationally.

This is part of a discussion on killer robots at a press conference in Tokyo, Mary Wareham, coordinator of a campaign called ‘Campaign to Stop Killer Robots’, a private human rights organization. He noted that more than five countries around the world are now participating in discussions on how to impose effective control over the automatic weapons system.

dangerous robot

In addition, the UN has already called for a total ban on such weapons, and he is hopeful that many more countries will join that group in the future. However, to be sure, the process of awakening people about the dangers of the future needs to be continued and for that purpose, his visit to Japan.


Although Japan has always taken a strong stand against nuclear weapons and deadly widespread destructive weapons, Japan has not yet joined in the agitation against killer robots. That is, Japan is not in the list of the 20 countries that have banned such weapons.

As a result, the countrymen do not know what our policymakers and state directors think about murderous robots. It is in the interest of human welfare that it is necessary to decide which position the world is taking, by clearly demonstrating the government. Because the killer robot, but the sound of its arrival has already begun to be loud and if the position or delay in taking action has to be paid to the entire world, we are included in the calculation.

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