advantages and disadvantages of quantum computers

Google claims to have developed an improved computer, which for the first time achieved ‘quantum supremacy’. That is, Google has surpassed all conventional computers in terms of computing calculations or performance. The BBC reported this in a news release. Research articles have been published in the journal Nature. We can see there are many advantages and disadvantages of Quantum Computers.

Quantum Supremacy

Quantum computers can solve many complex problems in a quantum mechanism. In order to solve the same problem, the latest modern computer takes hundreds of thousands of years. This is what is called quantum matchless quality. That is, when an organization or a country can solve those complex problems in a very short time through quantum computers, it will be said that they have achieved quantum supremacy.

Quantum Supremacy

The Google-made Sycamore quantum processor, capable of completing a specific task within 200 seconds, will take 1,0000 years to complete the world’s best supercomputer.

Researchers have been trying to build quantum computers for decades. Researchers have promised that such a computer will be far ahead of the speed.

How does a quantum computer work?

In the binary system, the numbers are only two  0 and 1. With this binary majority, all kinds of work are done by the current computer. However, 0 and 1 cannot be represented at the same time. Quantum computers are ahead of this place.

Google claimed that a quantum computer can do the work that it cannot do on a conventional computer. Researchers compared this invention to the discovery of the first aircraft of the Wright brothers in 1903. However, it will take more time to get the full benefits of this computer.

Google’s quantum computer information leaked last month. It claims that Google has already created a quantum computer.

Quantum computers have been a widely discussed term in the technology world for many years. It is said that anyone who can reach this computer will be the controller of the whole world.

Quantum computing Supremacy

The special chip called ‘Sycamore’ capable of quantum computing has 53 cubits (the basic unit of quantum computers). Cubits can perform many times more than traditional computer bits.

Advantages of quantum computers

Quantum computers have many advantages. It does not solve many mathematical problems. According to scientists, quantum computers will be able to solve the problems that traditional computers have in order to solve very complex problems. As a result, quantum computers can revolutionize everywhere – from pharmaceuticals to oil industries. Particularly complex mathematical problems in physics and chemistry can be solved quickly. New drugs will be created. Commercial algorithms of financial institutions can be further improved. Even the early forms of artificial intelligence that scientists are working on can be improved soon.

Disadvantages of quantum computers

There are risks. If an advanced quantum computer was created, all the security of the current Internet of Things would collapse like a house of cards. British economist The Economist says quantum computers will be able to do whatever they want in the company. The personal information of billions of Internet users can be taken into their own bags. The government database can be hacked. Undue control can be imposed on the banking system. The state defense system can be turned off if desired. Considering these aspects, many do not even hesitate to call it a “terrible” computer.


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