Sony Alpha A7R II Digital Camera is designed for super-large resolution shooting with a full-frame 42.4MP sensor inside a portable mirrorless form factor. In addition, the internal 4K video claims to shoot and the speed of its predecessor, A7R, has increased by 40%.

Unlike A7S II, it is possible to record 4K video in APS-C (or Cropped sensor) mode. Enjoy the Super 35 Crop or Full Frame mode account with 3840 x 2160p at 30 or 24 fps in XAVC S style, with 100 Mbit packs

On the new rule at a resolution in Pro Camera, Sony’s A7R II slips to 42 megapixels, which is between Canon 5 DS RK 50 MP and 36 MP of Nikon D810. But the camera does not really need to claim the highest resolution to stand out in the crowd of full-frame cameras; Its excellent photo quality, superb video (with support for 4K) and compact, comfortable design speak for itself.

Sony Alpha A7R II Digital Camera

As the A7R model has been identified, the sensor does not have an optical low-pass filter (OLPF), which facilitates sharp images, but tradeoffs are usually silent artifacts. (Myer is reduced as a part of color or wavy lines, which are due to the high-frequency pattern, such as fine knitting, sensor grid.) Sony clearly processes your JPEG, because clearly There is no one in JPEG. The bit in their raw Counterparts, However, even in raw files, I am not nearly as bad as I have seen with some other cameras.

There is an excellent noise profile in the camera, in which there is an exception. JPEGs look very clean through ISO 1600, are quite good through ISO 6400, and have become usable in all ways through ISO 102400, although “usable” depends on the fact that you How to use them. One exception: Horizontal bands on the ISO 6400 are visible in dark areas, and I can not figure out how to fix them, at least with existing raw-processing software. Not every shot, but they cut into all the color channels and they are in enough photos to indicate that this may be a problem for some people.

Sony Alpha A7R II Digital Camera

It retains shadow detail very well through the ISO 6400, but clip highlights, almost entirely in the entire ISO sensitivity range almost entirely. Raw files naturally improve – the standard default creative style used by JPEG grows in your reverse so that highlights and shadow extensions will be lost – but I still miss a lot of highlights. Hopefully, the firmware update will bring noticeable difference at the end of this year, which adds lossless compression to raw files; The first accident of lossy compression is highlights and shadows. Unfortunately, highlights problems are specific to the BSI sensor, unfortunately.

Fast and color, on the other hand, rates as excellent. Even with the default creative style, color reproduction is quite neutral, and while the saturation is pumped up slightly, I usually have a red-red color (which was more accurate in the raw) any The actual WHO shift is not seen in comparison. And the photos are fast, as long as you do not get a high-quality lens, with great expansion resolution.

It is a testament to the photo quality of A7R II that despite its issues, I think most people will be happy with the pictures obtained from the camera, especially in the studio shots such as the controlled light environment.


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