Nubia announced the wearable device in its Mobile World Congress event 2019. They have announced that very soon will be published Nubia Alpha Smartphone. Chinese manufacturer Nubia is reporting its MWC 2019 folding telephone. Really, right sounds captivating? In addition to a picture that alludes to Nubia’s foldable wearable cell phone, the Chinese cell phone maker reported the gadget with a slogan ‘ Flex Your Life ‘ and ‘ Future is here. ‘

The latest teaser has suggested that it is officially ready to prepare its Nubia to make smartwatch and phone hybrid. Nubia has released an invitation for its event in the MWC, which states that in the Expo it can also show its favorite or flexible version of the smartphone.

The company has not shared a specific date of launch, but it is likely to show new technology on the show floor. After Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi, all accounts create a gadget with an adaptable screen that will be released at the 2019 Mobile World Congress, another maker Nubia. Strikingly, the forthcoming gadget from Nubia will not be just a cell phone that can be adapted, but it will be a wearable cell phone.

Nubia Alpha Smartphone Launch 2019

A little more than a week ago, Huawei released its MWC 2019 invitation, which clearly shows a smartphone with a curve in the middle, which would make it a preferred phone. Nubia’s invitation does not give the idea of monitoring our smartphone, but the line “Flexes Your Life” strongly indicates that it will unveil a flexible phone.

In IFA 2018, Nubia Alpha showed a prototype – such as a smartphone, a smartphone with a flexible display strip on your wrist. The device was shown at Nubia booth but it was not an effective model because it was still at the initial testing stage. MWC has a great chance to uncover more advanced versions of Alpha in 2019, or it can be completely completely completely completely different devices.

Nubia Alpha Smartphone Launch 2019

There is no link to Nubia’s flexible phone effort except the alpha prototype described in IF. This device uses Flex, which is a Nubian-owned flexible technology, and a light strip feature that allows users to customize it using themes. The wearable phone comes with a specially protected proximity sensor that defines the wearable smartphone’s adaptation. Tutoring a smart camera with a 4G connection and a touch mode.

Nebia is still difficult to invoke as an invitation, which does not give us much to go. The good news is that we do not have to wait too long to find out.


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