Huawei smart band assistant also presented another adaptation of the wellness band called Honor Band 4, following the disclosure of the Honor 8X and Honor 8XMax. The new appliance comes with a home catch and vibrant AMOLED board. The Mi Band 3 must be isolated with a sticker price of $30 from the top position of the wellness band.

With a pedometer, a resting tracker, a pulse sensor, water reside and a safe 5-kilometer residual, the Honor Band 4 has a 0.95 “AMOLED screen with Huawei trusted 2.0 element. Monitors the cycle, and then provides personalized recommendations.

The organization also presented the Honor Band 4 running edition. It’s a POLD show, although it’s not like a normal adaptation at all, it’s monochrome. The battery contains a small amount–for example, the mood, stage length, ground contact, and foot strike design provide better information. The 77 mAh is more accurate.

Trussing 2.0, which constantly follows the pulse in workouts like running, walking, cycling, is another perfect element. The battery of the gadget is 100 mAh and the Honor ensures 14 working days.

The Band 4 of honor comes in black, blue rose, with a charge of no more than $ 29/€25 from CNY199. The Running Edition has the choice of shading, dark, red, yellow, green, and pink and is only $15/€ 13 or less in CNY99. On September 20th, the two gadgets will be negotiated in China and ideally, the world situation will also be noticeable.


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