Google Ranking Tips and Tricks

All the time, we have to worry about when Google will upload updates and how much of my site or my client’s site will be down in Google search. Again, when somebody is thinking about how Google will update and people’s web site will be down on Google search and again by SEO again and again the money. But anyway, this article is for those who work honestly and keep your own web site out of work after working in Off-Page for a few days.

Today, we will discuss the issues that you have to do long ago. That means you have to start with the On-Page SEO Web site. And read a lot of things inside him, discuss the most important issues inside him and discuss with him some interfaces of my own web site. Hopefully, you will not have to sweat and walk after this issue.

17 Tips for Google Ranking

  1. The first thing that you need to do is either you or your client’s web site will check through this website or check what the inconsistency is on the web site. In this case, it is good to say that there are some people who do not want to pay more for web design when a web designer wants more money because there is some public who make web design for a lot less money. But the reality is that when an SEO expert goes to work on that standard quality web site, they start SEO with Off-Page SEO. But the past experience says that “never and off-page SEO” is done without checking the on-page SEO of a website because it is impossible to rank by.


  1. Therefore, you should check the on-page well before checking off a web site. If you have already checked your web site with Seositecheckup, then you can know what to do now on your web site. Then let’s start.
  1. The first thing to do is to fix your website’s meta keyword, but it must be within 70 words. I put 50 web sites on my web site. Now the question could be why more and more could have been given because 70 words were not there. So it is good to say that my website is made with a niche. And nic is a specific thing. And so here 50 words are right.

4. Then, which is the Meta Description? Meta Description means a brief discussion about a site. And for this, you have to explain within 160 words. But in my web site, it is 210 words Now the question is why do we give so many details here. It is good to say that in some cases, the more you describe, the better your site is. But do not describe so much that the search engine is angry. Note that in my description of 160 words I have 210 words. So it means that I have given one more detail. All right, but you do not describe two times as much. Normally the description of 160 words Google shows in its search ranch, after which they will not show them.

5.  The next thing is the most common keywords. In fact, this common keyword system always keeps changing forever. And this is an overview of the article or product. For example, if I say so, then the keywords used on my web site in December are currently showing since I did not publish any article yet in January. So you have to be sure that the common keywords you are using are signed with Google search results. Then it will help you to get in the rank. You can read more about link building and black hat seo.

6.  Next comes the H tag. However, the most important ones are on H1, H2 tags. But one thing should be taken care of all the time. And that is the size of the H1 tag inside these two tags is too big. And because of that, use it where it will be used with caution. I have used H2 tags on my web site in many places but Seositecheckup shows that H1, H2 is not used on my web site. And the reason is that these two tags have not been used on my site’s home page. The question might not have been why. Answer: Visitors visiting my site are important. If I use the tag of these two if I make the look of my website poorly, it will be bad to see and if it looks bad, the possibility of the visitor coming in the future will be reduced. And depending on the use of H1, H2 tags, web design is above. But get tips for increasing the visitor. Stay at the end of the article.


7.  What’s more important is the Broken links. Actually, it’s called a virus. Always keep in mind that it is not on your web site. The more broken links you have on your web site, the more problems will be there. Because there will be broken links from where Google rotodes will be returned and your website will not be indexed. There are currently no Broken links on my web site. 35 links are OK.

8. The next thing is to put ALT or reverse text in the picture. Because most of the time it is seen that, if a website is deleted from the web site, then you will undoubtedly show the opposite text in your photo and Google understands that there is a picture here. And that’s your website’s plus point In my web site only 4 pictures have not been reversed and I can not find those pictures.

9. The next thing is the Inline CSS, but if you do not know the coding then I would say do not try to put it here. Because it turns out that you have dropped the entire site down to fix it. But it is not as important as it is.

10. Next, add your site to Google Analytics. You can see how to add it from the video below. And in my case, I’m addicted to google. If you can not just google, you can add Bing, Elsie, and any other site.

11. Add Favicon to your site. Because it carries the identity of the site. For example, let’s say for example that anyone who creates a web site with WordPress, then Favicon on his web site, or the logo of the company hosting his hosting service. But when a visitor uses more tabs on his computer, he can eavesdrop on his web site Favicon seeing that it is such a web site. And he will be able to click on that tab in your browser on your web site.

12. The next thing to keep in mind is SEO Friendly URL because if you do not use the SEO Friendly URL it is not acceptable to Google. At present, there is only one problem on my own site and this article will be right before you reach Inshallah And as much as possible make your site use Java-Java.

13. Absolutely use social media on your website. Almost all kinds of social media ads have been added to my web site. And if there is any new article on your web site or new updates, then post it to the social media as soon as your web site is linked to your website, the more time it will be posted or posted, the Google index will be faster.

14. Then you have to be aware that the size of the HTML page of your website. The higher the page size the more the problem. Because the size of the page takes longer to load the site and it can bother the visitor, and the site visits will be less and the bounce rate will increase and you can come down to the Google rank. Reduce the use of flash on the web site as far as possible.

15. The next thing is Safe Browsing because if you or your client’s site has a virus, the visitor will receive a notice on your web site visitors that if there is a virus in the site then you or your computer may be damaged. Hope this article will give in the future “How to Know if Your Web Site Has Virus And How To Get Rid Of It?”

16. The next thing that should be taken care of is to respond to each image on your web site. Because it is often seen that due to the fact that the picture is too small, it is very bad to see your web site. This results in the effectiveness of the visitor. So use pictures of specific sites or you can use any software to resize images.


17. At that time, nowadays grandfathers are now visiting most people by visiting different websites, such as mobile, tabs, and much more. So make your website as recommended as possible. Do not be misled by making more money and creating all the friendly Friendly Web site then your site visitor will increase. And as well as your website’s ranking.

Final Decision:

Now, because of my website’s On-page SEO rank and not just 65% of two H tags, I think there should be 70-75% on page SEO and rank on a web site. Hopefully, keeping these things in mind, if you do some off-saves SEO, you can keep yourself in every Google update. Now tell me how to increase the visitor to your web site. Currently, Reddit and Pinterest mean that many visitors can get many visitors through two social media. But in these two social media, your visitor will meet certain conditions. And you can never do that. So Reddit and Pinterest join Active Directory with specific rules and many visitors can visit your web or your client’s web site. Then do not join late and join the visitor every day on your web or your client’s web site and earn more money. And comply with the above issues, do not lose the rank of your website, any Google updates.


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