Once again, DJI has stepped into the headlines with another powerful, yet portable, 4K drone, which connects the video capabilities of its high Mavi Pro with a small footprint of consumer-centric DJI SPAR.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro 2019 Drone:

DJI Mavik Air Dragon is a small consumer drone whose features highlight the commitment of the DJI to advanced technology and innovation. This drone has incredible portability and flight performance. It is a stable square that revolves around an ideal mid-range and has 32 MP panoramic camera. DGI Mavi Air can also achieve high speed in flight conditions and can capture fast, stable and motion pictures. This quadcopter is a valuable investment because it saves high-end specs at an affordable price.

Specific product features

  • The built-in storage of 8 GB, as well as a micro SD card slot that provides enough storage space to store photos that went to capture high-quality video cameras. If you forget your SD card alone, you can still capture wonderful memories.
  • 32 MP circular panoramic camera which captures 12 MP, still records 4K video. This stable and excellent quality of motion pictures make DJI Mavi Air suitable for professional videography and photography.
  • A compact and foldable design that makes this little drone unbelievably portable is a perfect travel drone because its weight is just 430 grams and it comes with a drone backpack.
  • The 21-minute flight time that allows you to capture beautiful scenes before the battery is over.
  • The 4KM operating range which allows you to find external objects which you can see your eyes.
  • Obstacles automatically enable the drone to chart a different path around or around an object instead of collision.
  • Smart capture gesture allows you to take photographs indicating a drone with your fingers and palms.
  • Automatic flight mode allows you to fly free of DJI Malvik Air hands without the help of the controller.

In order to appeal to consumers looking for more portable devices, the DGI has made a long way in recent years. As a photographer, I carry a camera bag with lenses and DSLR bodies; But most would agree that some earlier phantom drones of DGI were highly portable. With the latest and biggest drones of DJI, Mavi Air, however, are able to deploy a foldable, simple, photographer and videographer alike and Airborne 4K in their gear bags or even cargo/pocket. The camera is very easy to use.

DJI Mavic Air 4K Drone 2019

If you are familiar with aerial photography, especially cinematic drones (yes, which create all the friction between FAA and Van Bay pilots), you know that the DJI has been one of the many, if the biggest name in the market Not a consumer and a professional drone, even when some people think of DGI, a picture of the original phantom drill first comes to mind. Mavi Air is a completely separate platform, which has given consumers 4K cinematic aerial photography in Pocket Size format. While in the past, due to the lack of budget, high-end drones were out of reach for most surprises, wind ($ 799 value) is a practical tool for almost any photographer who has a bird’s view of its target shooting area Let’s see.

Template information

DJI Mavic Air 4K Drone

DJI Mavi Air is a sub-ramble with incredible capabilities and calculations that have changed. It can get Earth’s 3D maps and use that data to stay away from impediments and get accurate cabling under unpredictable circumstances of flight. Automatons can crumple in size just like remote controllers so you can travel with the automaton without much stretching. This is an automaton made for the outside and what you get when you buy an automaton in the bundle;

  • DJI Mavi Air Sketches
  • Battery
  • Small cases of carrying
  • Four Proponents
  • Two sets of guards for propellers
  • Charger of ownership
  • USB-C Cable
  • The Remote control has been made new

The automaton is an important venture as it is a minimal and foldable smooth and attractive frame. This automaton accompanies foldable rotor arms and accompanies a removable joystick controller that takes mobility to a different dimension. You can put the automaton in your coat pocket without much of a stretch, and it won’t get in shape as its weight is only 430 grams.

The carrying case is a zip-up pack that provides protection against falling or damage to the drone. In the case of small accidents, DGI Mavil Air has been strengthened and well designed to ensure consistency during flight and stability. The recessed gimbal is a camera clip-on cover that acts as another protective layer to ensure the camera is safe on the spot and stationary during the flight.

White, dark and red hues in the DJI Mavic air are the simple hues on the eye, and you can see them in the sky without much stretch. This automaton is accompanied by a USB-C connection committed to the exchange of information and a restrictive charger used to charge the battery. The opening of the MicroSD card, like 8 GB of local capacity, gives you enough space to store the caught video and photo.

DJI Mavic Air 4K

There is a removable joystick in the redesigned remote controller of DJI Mavi Air, and there is no screen for flight telecommunication. In any case, to attach convenient recordings, you can use a foldable clasp to view live video feeds and access all guiding data.

Display and control

To connect your smartphone with a drone, you have to download the DJI app. You can connect your phone to a remote controller using Wi-Fi hotspot for a smooth flight. The low size of DJI Mavi Air, when you activate the game mode, it allows a maximum speed of 40mph.

It is an early friendly drone in which there is durable construction that can do many small accidents without loss. DGI Mavic Air packs three directional environmental sensings with a seven-camera vision system, which ensures smooth flight and unmatched drum stability.

Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) enables you to avoid obstacles so that the drones can be automatically blocked in objects or different paths or in their tracks to prevent items from crashing. This facility ensures that your investment is safe from losses and you fly safely.

DJI Mavi Air can survey its surroundings by raising information about various things around them. It is fully capable of flying in the air while being remarkably stable. The operating range of the four kilometers obtained from the remote controller allows you to find out what your eyes can see.

The controller relies entirely on Wi-Fi with the goal of gushing live feed and there will be no dropout or postponement in the middle of a transmission. The DJI Malvik Air can simultaneously track up to 16 points so you can start the ActiveTrack mode, the QuickShot mode, the usefulness of SmartCapture to work the automaton.

The camera

The 32 MP’s round panoramic camera can capture a 12mph image and 4K video. Shrewd catch motions allow you to pick up a selfie from the sky and installed 8 GB gives you plenty of room to use without the SD card.

The CMOS sensor and 24 mm focal point of the camera allow you to capture moderate 1080p movement in 120fps film and include emotional aeronautics. Films are wide and fast, all things being equal, making this camera suitable for recording. You can change the caught film from the automatic camera with the Go4 application.

The DJI Mavik Air settled 4 K film precisely, and despite flying fast, the automaton could get sensational shots. You can use the drone to fly around quadcopter and catch the shots of the same object. The continuous communication of 1080p video is classic and immediate.

Combination of fly pawns

If you’re an expert videographer or picture taker who loves more broadcast appointment with the DJI Mavi Air Drone, you can pick up more combo flying that will give you more flight time in the bundle. Guarantees ;

  • Three packs
  • A bag for travel
  • A remote controller
  • Six propellant pairs
  • Two sets of guards for propellers
  • Loading hub
  • Adapter for power banks


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