For the Apple Watch application, this is an intriguing year. It appeared in the spring that the watch lost its shine, some huge naming applications dropped or pulled completely from the clock. The problem, however, was not that the application for Apple Watch is a terrible thought.

Apart from this, our selection has been displayed here. Occasionally, the application was meant to respond to the incorrect inquiry: “Would we be able to apply for a clock?” But we should not?

Currently, Apple Watch is in its fourth era, and it turns out to be exceptionally famous for the well-known Apple Watch 4-that’s why you’re probably taking a gander on new apps here. In fact, this is one of the best Smartwatch options, and now we are in the fourth generation, this is especially becoming the perfect smart option for your wrist.

Best Apple Watch 2019

Both of our favorite apps, which are still here after a startling year, should have been made both. They exist because they are valuable, or because they engage, or because they make your life a little better.

Applications for podcasting and heritage will be discovered in this round up to fit and bring things, mess around and sort things.

Remember the basic application on your iPhone on Apple Watch before joining our rundown this is the place you’ll see a rundown of previously introduced applications on your phone, which can also be exchanged for your watch. If you like someone’s look here, you first have to download them to your iPhone.

And be sure to check this article weekly, because we will add a new app every week, which is given below.

Apple Watch App of the Week: Ecobi

Best Apple Watch

  • Ecobee
  • Free

Smart Home Technology and AppleWorks run together like cheese and biscuits or cold and bitter energy bills. To find your phone without controlling your Smart Home, the iPad or Remote is a great time saver, and especially nice when you do not want to move.

We’ve seen a good Smart Home app with the likes of Philips Huvaway, and now it’s getting on the Acroboye Act. The latest iteration of its iPhone app combines apple watch functionality, and if there is no complexity for ultra-fast access, then they are clearly on the to-do list.

As you expect, the app is designed for hardware only: it is not a cross-platform with smart people’s hardware support, so you can use it to replace many apps from other providers. Do not do it. can do.

The Watch app takes a familiar approach with big icons where numerical information is displayed, where appropriate, for example, if you set the heating to 72 degrees, you will see 72 numbers in the thermal temperature icon. You can adjust the temperature, fan speed, and lighting from within the app, and if you are out and you can remove the thermostat from home mode or turn off the lights to scare your family.

Best Apple Watch Apps for Fitness and Running

There is no denying that Apple Watch’s main thrust is for the fitness of another model: it is packing GPS, heart rate, water resistance, and better sensor so that people can take advantage of the fact that they go out of it I like it. For gym equipment.

Almost everyone should list this list of Apple Watch fitness, running, welfare and health apps – if you are going to do some work with your new watch, keeping this in mind, you should use a healthy body and mind should do.Best Apple Watch 2019


  • Strava
  • Free / In-App Purchase

Strava is one of the most popular running and cycling apps, but you always need your phone or non-apple smartwatch to track your trip and record your important stats. not anymore.

If you have Apple Watch 2, you can record your run without strapping the phone for anything else using the Straw Apple Watch app. The interface is not as beautiful as the interface of the iPhone app, but when you are running or cycling, it does not matter: the information you want is presented cleanly and the application is simple and easy to use.

The main app is free and offers essential features including distance, speed, speed, height and burn calories, and $ 5.99 / £ 5.99 / AU $ 9.99 per month or $ 59.99 / £ 54.99 / AU $ 89.99 per dollar premium service which is more Has detailed post-exercise analysis, live performance feedback and personal coaching – although not through the clock.

However, if you use premium features like Beacon on the main app, you can not get a stroke on the Apple watch according to your choice on the phone.

Best Apple


  • Cardiogram
  • Free

We have written about the first cardiogram: It is a very valuable health tracker that enables you to see how your heart is working over time, and who enables you to find food-related spikes, from which You are stressed, focused on how you exercise and what you are especially. All you need to do is wear your apple clock, which checks your heart rate every five minutes. Cardiogram then crashes the data from which you know what is the position of your body.

What is interesting about cardiogram now is not only for the app, but the partnership is also emerging.

In America, Amica life and greenhouse health insurance are offering life insurance for cardiogram users with any version of Apple watch: just use the cardiogram app and you get $ 1,000 ($ 775 / AU $ in accidental death) 1,400 See you. Cover for 12 months with an option to buy from $ 50,000 (approximately £ 39,000 / AU $ 70,000) within the app. Especially in America, $ 1,000 in the great plan of things is not much, but it’s a lot for free.

You do not need to share the data, insurers create the condition that unlike those who use cardiogram, there is a possibility to take steps to improve their health.

Like most healthy things, such partnership is subject to regulatory approval, and currently, cardiogram partnership is available in Wisconsin, Arizona, Indiana, and Georgia. Expect more states and more participation.

Apple Watch 2019

Run Club

  • Nike Run Club
  • Free

The Love and Celebration of Nike and Apple continue: The latest recurrence of the Nike Run Club app offers some welcome improvements.

It now integrates with Siri tips, which means that the app can now recommend good time for runs based on your previous runs (feature is off by default, so if you do not want it, then your It does not have a snake for you) and the new Apple watch complex, one of which is for infographics, which shows how far you have gone this month.

App Store lacks an app, but Nike’s budget is slightly more than everyone, so the app feels a lot more premium than many others. It tracks all your runs and stores, thanks to the built-in GPS of your watch, enables you to listen to audio guides while running, offers you many challenges to keep you motivated, and you have good social share There are features to do, so you can make your changes, make friends happy

It is very well designed and does not sacrifice for the watch app style: While visually it is very attractive and it also shows all the information that you really need because you can sharpen the sidewalks. There are actually it’s a good app.

Heart Watch

Apple Watch

  • Heart Watch
  • $ 2.99 / £ 2.99 / AU $ 4.49

If you do not know the answer, then this app can put some light. It can also save your life, as James Greene did: The app warned him about unusual spikes in his heart rate, and it came out as a pulmonary embolism. If this was not for alerts, then Green could have died.

In fact, you do not need a sales pitch to spend $ 3 on living, but Heartwatch is not a trick. It gives information about the sensitivity of the heart about what you do, when you sleep, when you work outside and when you go about your day, to track it.

The reason for different types of activity is simple: you do not want your app to warn you about high heart rate, if you are doing something to increase your heart rate, then one issue that can be found in our apple, We used to drive. Driving along See set for defaults.

It will not work without the established health app – the path it receives its data – but you can import data from other health apps if you use other types of connected health monitors.

Have lots of features this watch:

  • ECG
  • Cardiogram
  • MySwimPro
  • Nike Training Club
  • Gymaholic
  • Round Health
  • Lifesum
  • Headspace
  • WebMD
  • One Drop Diabetes Management
  • work outdoors
  • Streaks
  • Elevate Dash – Brain Training and Games
  • Peak – Brain Training
  • Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Walkmeter GPS Pedometer
  • CARROT Fit
  • Lose It!
  • Mount Burnmore
  • Happier
  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
  • Sleep Watch
  • Spotify Music
  • Overcast
  • Castro Podcasts
  • Audible
  • Musixmatch Lyrics Finder
  • Best Apple Watch apps for photo and video GoPro
  • Camera Plus
  • VLC Remote
  • HomeCam for HomeKit
  • FiLMiC Pro
  • Fantastical 2
  • HomeRun for HomeKit
  • simple commands
  • 1Password
  • Drafts


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