Link Building and Black Hat SEO

Whenever you are involved in learning or linking SEO, the link building will not come in front of you as long as it does not come in front of you. Because everyone wants to avoid it. But the biggest online professionals who are involved in marketing, the majority of people who make a link to increase the quality of their site, do the same as linking the Blackhat SEO to increase their income.

But there is no talk about Black Hat SEO in an online training centre or video tutorial. Today I will try to share some link building and Blackhawk SEO with you. Although there are many techniques of Black Hat SEO, it is not possible to say everything, as much as I can share.

White Hat SEO Techniques

The SEO is followed by the principles of the search engine, that is, White Hat SEO. The most important policy of these guidelines is “Build your website for the welfare of the people, not for search engines”. Originally backlink, keyword research, link popularity, link building, etc. are called white hat SEO. white hat SEO, which is called ethical SEO.

Link Popularity

With the help of link popularity, it is determined to place the site’s search results on the maximum number of pages. Basically, this link popularity is defined on the number of your backlinks.

Internal link

Internal links giving links to other posts inside your post. For example, I write “Internal link is not black hat SEO” but it is white SEO. Through Black SEO, I gave a link to my previous Black Hat SEO post. In this way, the internal link will be created. An internal link is very helpful for your website SEO. This also leads to page rank.

Outbound link

Outbound Link Backlink Completely Reverse Meaning of any other site if your site is on the outbound link. Outbound links are also called outgoing links. Also White Hat SEO.


Blog comments, forum postings, etc., give your website URL to other websites. So that your website’s URL will be on the other websites. And the link that gives you so much is your backlink. You can link to the home page or any other page. Backlinks also include incoming links or inbound links. This is White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Not to the welfare of human beings, to remain on the first page of the search engine, do not betray the rules of search engine optimization, rather than adhering to the rule that the SEO is done by the black SEO. You can call it anarchic SEO. The way Black Hat SEO is done include keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages, invisible text, spamming backlink, etc. This type of SEO is also known as Untitled SEO. The biggest problem for Black Hat SEO is that your site may be cancelled from the list of search engines. So always avoid it and follow SEO rules.

Link firm

You have created 12 websites and linked a website link to another link to increase backlink. In this way, all the websites wanted to increase backlink. And this is the link form. Such search works as spam for search engines. So when you take a look at the search engines, they will exclude your site from their list.

Doorway pages

You cannot do anything for yourself, but still, you cannot stop the temptation to come first in the search result. And for this, you select the keywords and delete the keyword fountain and write an article on your blog. But you have to put the URL of another website to read the article. Because of which the visitor enters your site with the search but you are redirecting to another website to give him the information. This is the doorway page. It is included in Blackstrap. So do not ever do this. Although it is weak, publish it in the article and publish it.

Invisible text

It is called one kind of keyword stuffing. Suppose you have more than the keywords used to match your web background colour. Meanwhile, because the text colour and the background colour are the same, the visitors are not able to see it but the search engine has to read it. Never do this. It is included in Blackstrap.

Keyword stuffing

The keyword stuffing is to keep your keyword stuffing done without just doing anything. Basically, you can come to the search results by stuffing keywords, but when it comes to search engines, there will be no happy moments left for you, even your site may be dropped from search engines. So always refrain from doing this work. Write a standard article and maintain a standard article by keeping the keyword density.


Clocking is a technique or method that shows a type of content in the search engine and shows different content to the user. Now, the thing that you’ll clear is that people are working with search engines and with their search engine bots/crawlers/spiders/scooters. When the search engine server requests for a page on the search engine server, with the help of this technique, the IP address or user agent can see that it is a search engine bot/crawler/spider/scooter or man. Whenever you see Spider, it looks like one page and another person’s page. This is Black Hat SEO

Keyword Density

The density of the keyword is the number of times a particular keyword has been used in a post. Use your defined keyword at least 3 times per 100 words.

What is page rank?

By which Google determines the importance of each page of a web site, so the page rank is. When we search on the Google search engine, we can see the results of the jay in there, many of them depend on the page rank and some other things. Page Rank was developed by Google’s father Larry Page and Bring at the Surge. These pages are based on a number of factors, including backlinks, keyword density, on some other topics. Google assumes that when a site links itself to another site, it actually gives a vote on the other site. So the more votes for your site, the more the importance of it will increase to Google. Other Google sites that link to your site also have their own vote of importance. So if other sites which link or vote on your site have more votes than their own votes, Google will increase the importance of your site and increase your page traffic.

There are many tools and ads for measuring page rank … through which you can find out what kind of page rank a site is. Below is an Add-Ons of Firefox, which is just 7 KB, which you will instantly restart your PC. After that, you can see the page rank in the browser.

“Or go to the Firefox browser and go to the Add-Ons option and get it by searching the web rank toolbar in the search box. So let’s install ADD-ONs.”


What is Alexa rank?

Alexa Internet, Inc. site is a subsidiary site of the Amazon Amazon site. Which we usually know as Information about various websites is available from this website. More information about this web information company is about Web Visitors Report. The site was launched in 1996 and the owner of this site, Bruce Silt. From Alexa, you can get some information about a web site, such as the website owner, hosting country, etc. In addition to information about traffic on the website.

Besides, you can learn how many of the world’s websites are ranked in the ranking. Alexa is often used in SEO work. According to web experts, if the site is not in the first 100,000-Alexa rank, then the report shows that it is actually wrong. Although Alexa Rank baking is world-wide, only those who use the Alexa toolbar count their visas as Alexa, 100% of Alexa information is not neutral.

While ESO generally does not have much demand in the field, the field special Alexa plays a very important role. For example, if you have a web site and you want to sell it, then your buyer or buyer will review your site and rate it depending on many factors.

If you have a good Alexa Rank then you are likely to get good prices. Because the customer thinks that the site is a quality site and it has good visitors, due to which your Alexa Rank is very good. Also, when you add different advertiser companies to your site, then you will be attracted to the Alexa Rank because of its ad to your site.

If you want to do SEO work with other workplaces in the market place, you will need to know the following jobs. And it is not a difficult task to know, you may have a little hard work and interest to create your freelancing career ………………

We’ll always be interested in learning about your online school. Get started with your freelancing life. The following is a simple way of linking the work, which is to work in other market places along with Odesk. The link building has another name: Backlink. Today we know what backlink or linking? If you can understand the backlink then you will understand 30% SEO.

  • Blog comments,
  • Social Bookmarking,
  • Directory Submission,
  • Forum Posting,
  • Social networking,
  • Article Submission,
  • Google Analytic,
  • Keyword research,
  • web 2.0,
  • SEO Audit,
  • On-page SEO

What is backlink?

I first put it in the backlink, what is the backlink? The backlink is a backlink to bring you or your visitor’s website into the appropriate rules by linking to that website’s link in different ways.

When I remember backlink, I remember the big leaders of our country, what is the surprise of me, when I talk about the need of backlink, I ask everyone to compare these leaders. How? Manpower is the biggest force. You have a lot of money, but if you do not get any people to work, then what is the value of money? There is no such thing. Similarly, an influential leader is also not worth any money. See that he always wants to be a lot of people. He will have as many people as he can, and his influence will be as much as he can. If he can do any work or if he gives everyone a vote or consent on his behalf, then his work and acceptability will increase as well. Then he is in the forest Bay as a power flower man

Backlink to search engine and so on. There is no option to create a backlink to increase the importance and acceptability of a site. A backlink is a vote for you. For this search engine always searches for any backlink of any site. To put candidates in an important position. For this search engine and more important for their first page Byakalinkake that.

And Google has made this important to the public in front of everyone. PageRank’s PageRank gives Google the importance of how the website’s importance or rank is displayed.

Therefore, it proves that you need to increase your page rank and increase the backlink.


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