Angry Birds VR Game

The game After ten years since the original release in 2009, Angry Birds has become a pop icon and marketing zagrott, countless sequels, spin-offs, tie-ins, and even feature-length movies. Now, Angry Bird VR is coming in a pig-popping flyer: Isle of Pigs, Vive and Oculus Rift. When came angry birds vr game then the gamer feel happy to play it. Behind Angry Birds IP, Rovio developed a VR title in collaboration with the resolution game around May, which will start from today.

Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games recently told Eagle during a press demo, “We realized that the IP lends very well to use your hands, what has been deliberately done and it is an old The classic 3D version. The authority gives donations for VR headsets and controllers for the better opportunity to play Angry Birds game.

VR Game


From now the gamer is getting 50 levels of four levels all over the world. You can use Red, Bomb, Blue and Red authentic swarm to disposal enemy because of unique explosion job. When you play it on your mobile device, the rules of the game are the same: Launch a set of birds in a series of towers made by Shadley, which protects the entire pork villain when it comes down. You have a lot of option to do swiping on your phone screen with VR.

Players catch a catapult in their left hand so that they can reach their desired goal. The player’s correct arm stacks the feathered creatures in the launcher and pulls the rigid elastic band. Amazing volume draw decides the circular segment of the shot and can without much of a stretch be speculated that for direction dabs.

VR Controller

Players are firing in a 3D frame of VR because they will be able to run certain advantages around the house so that they can hide hidden points and each shot. Can provide maximum damage. Unfortunately, you can root every advantage point and move around the structure as you want. This game adds a new dimension to the strategy. It also allows Easter eggs for better satisfaction. For example, you can rotate and see it because the expression of the bird’s appearance changes to attract the band.

VR Controller Helper

The first person’s perspective adds a unique wrap to the traditional side-scrolling action and increases the challenge of using appropriate shotguns and exceptional capabilities. At the same time, a part of the original piece was like your phone. Besides unlocking your home screen, you do not do anything else, it is almost essential, but with it, you have to boot the computer, wear a VR helmet and go through the entire chin. Porcelain safety AVIAN missile shooting works a lot. However, if you are ready for a franchise film, then this game can be born in love with a 3-star love.


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